Where Can I Drop Off My CenturyLink Modem?

Centurylink Equipment Return – Step by StepSelecting the Box.

Use a hard box with straps to pack the box.

Remove unwanted Indicators.


Seal the Box.

Print Return Shipping Label.

Attach Return Shipping Label.

Visit nearest UPS Shipping Center..

You might be able to use your own modem with CenturyLink, provided it works with the technology CenturyLink uses in the area. … If your modem is left over from a cable internet provider, like Xfinity, your modem won’t work with CenturyLink’s DSL technology. You’ll need to buy or rent a new one.

If you have been leasing your modem from CenturyLink, you must pack and return your modem within 30 days from the date you cancel your service. If you do not, you will be responsible for the full retail cost of the equipment.

CenturyLink is not replacing the DSL broadband customers it’s losing. In 2018 CenturyLink lost a lot of broadband customers with speeds under 20 Mbps, but had a net gain of customers using more than 20 Mbps.

In general, when everything is working correctly the modem lights should look like:Power light: green (solid)DSL light: green (solid)Internet (INT) light: green (flashing)Wireless light: green (flashing), if you have wireless capabilities.Ethernet light: green (flashing), if you are connected by an Ethernet cable.

To reboot your modem:Unplug the power cord from the back of the modem. Check to make sure all the lights on the modem are OFF.Wait one full minute. Plug the power cord back into the modem.Wait for the internet light or main status light to turn green.Now try connecting to the internet again.

Retired CenturyLink modems. Several models of modems and routers from previous years have been retired from the CenturyLink network. A retired device may work intermittently, but over time will be more likely to cause potential service issues. A retired modem should be replaced as soon as you are able.

One or more of these material issues could be interrupting your Wi-Fi connection: An out-of-date modem. Materials that are hard for Wi-Fi signals to pass through, like concrete, drywall, and hollow wood. Too much distance between the device you’re trying to connect and the router/modem.

It is important to note that most CenturyLink services are billed for a month at a time, so charges will not be prorated if you canceled services prior to the last day of your billing cycle.

How to Make Centurylink Internet FastRestart the Modem. You should first unplug the modem and leave it disconnected for at least one minute. … Use a WiFi Mesh System. … Update Modem Firmware. … Filter Check. … Home Wiring Check. … Stop Background Activities. … Update Device & Browsers. … Reset the Modem.More items…•

Check CenturyLink to see if your firmware is old and needs an update. Check your cables. If the cable you’ve used to connect your modem to your phone jack is frayed or broken, your internet connection won’t work. Replace the cable if you need to or, if it’s been pulled from the jack, plug it back in.

There are additional equipment fees for your internet connection from CenturyLink: WiFi Modem: Modem monthly rental $9.99/mo. WiFi Modem Purchase: One-time fee of $99.99. BYO WiFi: Bring your own CenturyLink compatible modem.