Quick Answer: What Does EE Stand For?

What is difference between HR & IR?

In sum, HR management is the process of hiring, managing, and developing an organisation’s staff so that they bring full value to the organisation.

IR management refers to the dynamic relationship between employers, employees, and the institutions through which these relationships are conducted..

What does it mean to have full benefits through your job?

Employee benefits are defined as indirect, non-cash, or cash compensation paid to an employee above and beyond regular salary or wages. … Employee benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, paid vacation, and workplace perks are common offerings used to recruit and retain employees.

What does EE stand for in medical terms?

Medical Abbreviations – EAbbreviationInterpretationEEemetic episodesemotional exhaustionend to endenergy expenditure302 more rows•Aug 31, 2017

What does EE and ER stand for?

EE Amt: Employee Contribution i.e. your total contribution in the EPF account. The sum total of PF amount deducted monthly from your salary. ER Amt: Employer Contribution i.e your company contribution. The sum total of PF amount monthly contributed into your EPF account by your employer.

What does EE stand for on payslip?

If you’ve got a workplace pension, you’ll probably see ‘ER pension’ on your payslip. That’s the money that your employer is contribution to your pension pot. Similarly, ‘EE pension’ on your payslip is the money that you’re contributing to your pension pot from your wages.

What does ER mean in HR?

employee relationsA definition. Put simply, ’employee relations’ (ER) is the term that defines the relationship between employers and employees. ER focuses both on individual and collective relationships in the workplace with an increasing emphasis on the relationship between managers and their team members.

What is NI Class A?

Class 1. Employees earning more than £183 a week and under State Pension age – they’re automatically deducted by your employer. Class 1A or 1B. Employers pay these directly on their employee’s expenses or benefits.

What is EE in construction?

EE. Each End. Architecture, Structural, Construction Drawing. EE. Engineer’s Estimate.

What does EE mean insurance?

EE (Eligible Employee): An employee who is eligible for insurance coverage based upon the stipulations of the group health insurance plan. EE Cost: Full premium cost for an Eligible Employee. DEP (Eligible Dependent): A dependent (usually spouse or child) of an insured person who is eligible for insurance coverage.

What is the difference between HR and ER?

Employee relations is your company’s structure of managing the rapport between the bosses and the staff. … HR is an umbrella term which includes tasks such as payroll, updating employee databases and many more responsibilities – one of these being managing ER.

What do the letters ER mean?

Emergency RoomSlang / Jargon (6) Acronym. Definition. ER. Emergency Room.

What does EE spouse mean?

SingleEE = Single ES = Employee / Spouse EC = Employee / Child EMC = Employee / Multiple Children EF = Employee / Family SP = Spouse DP = Dependent.

What does EE stand for employee?

EE – Employee. EEO – Equal Employment Opportunity. EEOC – Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. EO – Executive Order. EOB – Explanation of Benefits.

Is EE employer or employee?

The term “EE” refers to equal employment. Employees in the U.S. are protected under many federal laws, and their rights are enforced by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

What is PAYE in UK?

PAYE is HM Revenue and Customs’ ( HMRC ) system to collect Income Tax and National Insurance from employment. You do not need to register for PAYE if none of your employees are paid £120 or more a week, get expenses and benefits, have another job or get a pension.

What is the definition of net salary?

When it comes to payroll, there are a lot of ways to talk about the wages your employees get paid. … For example, when you tell an employee, “I’ll pay you $50,000 a year,” it means you will pay them $50,000 in gross wages. Net pay is the amount of money your employees take home after all deductions have been taken out.

How much discount do’ee employees get?

Eligible employees and your friends and family may obtain the discount on up to five EE price plans in total. The discount: The 20% discount will only apply to the price plan’s monthly recurring charge and will last for the duration of your minimum term.