Quick Answer: What Do You Get Free With AT&T?

Does AT&T give free phones?

Getting a Free Smartphone is Easy.

Starting tomorrow, AT&T* is offering buy one smartphone, get one free when you buy both on AT&T Next Every Year or AT&T Next..

How do I get AT&T to lower my bill?

Simple tweaks can lower your bill — leading to big savings over time.Opt for autopay. … Switch to prepaid. … Change or remove your cell phone insurance. … Skip the phone upgrade. … Cash in on discounts. … Add lines. … Update your service address.

Who is offering free cell phones?

Metro by T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless and Text Now are all currently offering free phone deals with eligible plans. Phones include the LG Stylo 4, the Samsung Galaxy J7 and J3 Prime, the Motorola E5 Play/Cruise, and a number of other Samsung and LG cell phones.

What does ATT give for free?

AT&T internet customers who don’t use AT&T Internet 1000 will receive HBO Max for one month for free. Similarly, customers who use AT&T Unlimited Extra, AT&T Unlimited Starter, and AT&T Mobile Share will also receive HBO Max for one month free.

How do I get my free HBO with AT&T?

Or, if you have AT&T TV: Look for the app on your device; it’s already there….Finally, sign in to HBO MaxDownload and open the HBO Max app. … Tap Sign In and then tap SIGN IN THROUGH TV OR MOBILE PROVIDER.Do you have an Apple iPhone® or iPad® and get free HBO Max access with your TV service with AT&T? … Choose AT&T.More items…

Can you negotiate with AT&T?

It pays to negotiate your bills. It doesn’t take much time, and, since it’s over the phone, it’s not even that intimidating. One simple tactic for successfully talking through a negotiation is to not talk at all. … She called AT&T to negotiate a new contract and see what kind of pricing they could offer.

Does AT&T give free iPhones?

AT&T has great iPhone deals all year long. Learn how new and existing customers get the iPhone 12 for FREE with trade-in or $700 off the iPhone 12 Pro with trade in.

What comes with AT&T unlimited plan?

Here’s what you’ll get:Unlimited talk, text, data + 50GB of Premium Data. … 5G access included.Unlimited talk, text and data in Mexico & Canada. … Unlimited texting from U.S. to 120+ countries.Advanced Mobile Security. … Standard-definition streaming.15GB Hotspot data per line per month.

What is the cheapest AT&T phone plan?

AT&T’s cheapest unlimited plan If you are looking for unlimited call, text, and data* on a traditional post-paid wireless plan, the AT&T Unlimited Starter2 plan is a great option. With 4 lines, this plan will only cost you $35 each month per line. * AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.

Who gets HBO Max for free?

If you sign up for DirecTV Premier or the Spanish language Lo Maximo package (at $134.99 a month), you will get HBO Max for free. If you sign up for AT&T Choice ($64.99 a month with a 24-month contract) or Xtra ($74.99 a month with a 24-month contract), you get the service free for one year.

How do I get free HBO with AT&T unlimited elite?

AT&T Offers Unlimited Customers Free HBO (And Here’s How to Get…Step 1: Sign up for a free DIRECTV NOW account. … Step 2: Enter your AT&T mobile number to automatically qualify. … Step 3: Sign up for a free DirecTV account. … Step 4: Choose “Package” … Step 5: Stream away!

How much is the AT&T Unlimited Elite plan?

AT&T Unlimited Elite: AT&T’s priciest plan, which starts at $85 per month for a single line or as low as $50 per month on a family plan of four. It’s most similar to the previous Unlimited &More Premium plan (which cost $80 for a single line or $48 per line on a family plan of four).

How do I get free HBO with AT&T Unlimited Plus?

AT&T Unlimited Plus customers will benefit from HBO included in their wireless plan as follows: If you currently subscribe to HBO through an AT&T video service – DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW or U-verse TV – HBO will now be included for no additional charge.

What is the 30 dollar plan for AT&T?

The $30 Monthly Plan from AT&T is an individual prepaid cell phone plan offered that offers unlimited anytime minutes for nationwide calling, unlimited text messaging, and unlimited texting to Mexico, Canada, and 100 other countries.

Is HBO max free for AT&T?

As we’ve previously announced, customers who have HBO through AT&T now instantly have access to HBO Max at no additional charge. On top of that, customers on our best AT&T wireless, video and internet plans will now get HBO Max – a $14.99 per month value included on us.

Does AT&T have a loyalty program?

AT&T’s customer loyalty program, AT&T Thanks, goes where others can’t. Unlike other loyalty programs, AT&T rewards you just for being a customer. No need to accumulate points, pay any fees, or even sign-up!

Does AT&T have any promotions?

$300 IN REWARD CARDS FOR AT&T TV/INTERNET BUNDLE: Subj. to change and may be discontinued at any time Must purchase through All Home Connections. For new residential customers. … Additional $100 Reward Card for Internet Orders: Requires purchase of Internet 100 or higher plan(min. $35/mo + taxes & $10/mo equip.

How much is AT&T Unlimited and more plan?

AT&T Unlimited &MoreSM plan: Monthly plan charge ($45 for a single line and $75 for a multi-line account) for unlimited talk, text, and data and a monthly per-device access charge apply.