Quick Answer: What Channel Is KERA On Directv?

How can I watch PBS for free?

PBS General Audience content continues to be available through member station broadcast services, on member station sites, at pbs.org/video, and through the PBS Video app, available free of charge for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Samsung TV, and Apple TV..

What station is PBS on Spectrum cable?

PBS – Channel Numbers on Spectrum TVCity/StateChannel NumberBarre, VT710Richlands, VA9Austin, TX9Alcoa, TN224 more rows•May 29, 2020

What channel is PBS on directv satellite?

Channel 389The channel is also available over satellite providers like DirecTV (Channel 389). PBS stations provide all of their channels free to TV providers who do not receive local channels.

What is on KERA TV tonight?

12:00am. Amanpour and Company. Amanpour and Company. … 1:00am. Rick Steves’ Europe. North England’s Lake District and Durham. … 1:30am. Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope. … 2:00am. Driving While Black: Race, Space and Mobility in America. … 4:00am. BBC World News. … 4:30am. DW News. … 5:00am. Nhk Newsline. … 5:30am. Sit and Be Fit.More items…

What channel is PBS on directv Los Angeles?

Local DIRECTV Packages and Channels in Los AngelesNetworkAffiliateLocal ChannelNBCKNBC4PBSKLCS58PBSKLCS258-2PBSKOCE5024 more rows

Does AT&T have PBS?

New AT&T TV system – PBS channel (S California)

How can I watch Kera?

Members ($5+ monthly or $60+ annually) can watch Passport programming on a variety of platforms: kera.org, pbs.org, the KERA apps for iOS/Android, the PBS Video apps for iOS/Android, AppleTV, Roku and Chromecast. Passport-exclusive programs are marked with the symbol.

What is a Kera?

KERA is a community-supported media organization that delivers distinctive, relevant and essential content to North Texans. … Each week, more than 2.6 million people connect with KERA through our television and radio broadcast channels, websites, social media and mobile apps.

Is Doc Martin on PBS passport?

Passport programs can be viewed on your computer or devices by visiting pbs.org/video. … Passport is even compatible with Chomecast! Why can’t I find programs like Doc Martin, Father Brown or other episodes of my favorite shows? PBS is not a producer but rather a distributor of programming.

What is on directv now?

DirecTV Now comes with a decent selection of sports programming, with its entry-level Live A Little package including ESPN, ESPN2, FOX Sports 1 and NBCSN. Upgrading to the Just Right package gets you the Big Ten Network, ESPN News, ESPNU, the MLB Network, the SEC Network and the Tennis Channel.

What channels does directv have?

DIRECTV HD Channel Lineup 15StarMAX HD East. A&E HD. ABC Family HD. ActionMAX HD. AMC. Animal Planet HD. AUDIENCE™ AXS TV HD. … HBO Signature HD East. HBO Zone HD. HDNet Movies. HGTV-HD. History Channel HD. ion Television East HD. Lifetime HD. … UniMas. Universal HD. Univision HD East. USA Network HD. Velocity HD. VH1 HD. WGN America HD.

What station is Kera?

KERA-TV, virtual channel 13 (UHF digital channel 14), is a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member television station licensed to Dallas, Texas, United States and serving the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex.

Is create channel on DirecTV?

Create is a service of your local public television station. The channel is digitally broadcast and available via over-the air, cable and some IPTV providers. Where can I watch Create? … (Satellite services DirecTV and Dish Network do not carry Create.)

Does AT&T TV have PBS?

You can find a list of channels at www.att.com/channels/att-tv/. … This lets you use all kinds of apps, including streaming services like YouTube, Disney+, HBO Now, Sling TV, Philo, PBS and dozens more.

What number is ABC on directv?

Browse the DIRECTV channel lineupUltimate Ultimate5205STARMAX (East)265A&E•ABC•519ActionMAX (East)92 more rows

Does DirecTV have PBS?

The PBS channel on DIRECTV brings you diverse programming from a multitude of genres. Whether you love drama, documentaries, fine arts, history, home improvement, independent films, interviews, music, public affairs, science, or even children programs—PBS offers a lot of juicy options to fuel your TV sprees.

What channel is PBS Socal on directv?

channel 50KOCE-TV, virtual channel 50 (UHF digital channel 18), is the primary Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member television station serving Los Angeles, California, United States that is licensed to Huntington Beach.

How do I watch my own channel?

If Create is available in your area, you can watch it on your local public television station free via “Over-the-Air” (OTA) digital TV. You will need a TV set equipped with an antenna and either a digital tuner or a digital converter box. Create is also available on most cable television systems.