Quick Answer: Is AT&T Dividend Safe 2020?

Will AT&T reduce their dividend?

Top Of The News: AT&T Slashes And Burns.

Welcome to the new economy, AT&T.

The massive phone company, fresh off its breakup into four companies, slashed its quarterly dividend–for the first time in its 113-year history–by 83%, and warned fourth-quarter revenue and earnings will fall short of Wall Street’s estimates..

Is AT&T a good buy now?

The telecom giant needs a little sprucing up, but it remains a good buy. For years, AT&T (NYSE:T) has made its living as a classic dividend stock. … However, rather than hold those gains, the stock has dropped more than that in 2020 and is currently trading for under $30 per share.

Is AT&T a dividend king?

On any given day of the week, the most compelling reason to own AT&T is the reliable dividend stream. If you own AT&T stock, what you may surrender in capital gain potential, you may win in yield. In the old days, that is, before Covid-19 came to town.

Is XOM a dividend aristocrat?

As Exxon Mobil Corp. … Exxon XOM, -0.82% and Chevron CVX, +0.22% are the only two oil companies on the list of S&P “dividend aristocrats,” or companies that have increased their dividend every year for at least 25 consecutive years.

What stock pays the highest dividend?

List of 25 high-dividend stocksSymbolCompany NameDividend YieldIBMInternational Business Machines Corp.5.18%BOHBank of Hawaii Corp.5.00%BXPBoston Properties Inc.4.92%EIXEdison International4.53%21 more rows

Is Coca Cola a dividend aristocrat?

Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) remains a fizzy dividend stock. … In fact, the mighty beverage company is a Dividend Aristocrat, one of the few S&P 500 companies that has raised its distribution at least once annually for a minimum of 25 years running.

What is the best stock to buy right now?

Best Value StocksPrice ($)12-Month Trailing P/E RatioBrighthouse Financial Inc. (BHF)29.631.4Brookfield Property REIT Inc. (BPYU)14.581.4NRG Energy Inc. (NRG)33.042.12 more rows

Which stock is better Verizon or AT&T?

While AT&T has more than a few things going for it, Verizon is no slouch itself, and the market believes Verizon is more valuable than AT&T. Despite trailing revenue around $130 billion for VZ versus $175 billion for AT&T, Verizon boasts higher margins, taking in $19.15 billion in profit to AT&T’s $11.9 billion.

What is AT&T next ex dividend date?

October 08, 2020(T) Ex-Dividend Date Scheduled for October 08, 2020. AT&T Inc. (T) will begin trading ex-dividend on October 08, 2020.

What is the dividend yield for AT&T?

7.69%AT&T pays an annual dividend of $2.08 per share, with a dividend yield of 7.69%.

Is Exxon a dividend aristocrat?

Exxon Mobil Corp. … Exxon and Chevron Corp. CVX, +3.57% are the only energy companies on a list of “dividend aristocrats,” or S&P companies that have increased their dividend every year for at least 25 consecutive years. Exxon is scheduled to report second-quarter earnings on Friday before the bell.

How many times a year does AT&T pay dividends?

There are typically 4 dividends per year (excluding specials), and the dividend cover is approximately 1.7. Our premium tools have predicted AT&T, Inc. with 100% accuracy.

What is a good dividend payout ratio?

A range of 35% to 55% is considered healthy and appropriate from a dividend investor’s point of view. A company that is likely to distribute roughly half of its earnings as dividends means that the company is well established and a leader in its industry.

Does Warren Buffett own AT&T stock?

Today, the investor community learned that Berkshire Hathaway chose to convert its DirecTV holdings into 59 million shares of AT&T stock rather than cash out. …

Is AT&T a good dividend stock?

Bottom line: AT&T is a solid dividend stock, but it won’t work for every investor. Be aware that its efforts could fail. Only take a leap if you are willing to bet that AT&T can see this through within your investment horizon.

Why is AT&T dividend so high?

Due to both the expense of the 5G buildout and the cost of acquisitions in recent years, AT&T now holds nearly $153.4 billion in long-term debt. … This adds to an already high debt burden. Additionally, AT&T is a Dividend Aristocrat due to the payout hikes that have occurred every year since 1985.

Is AT&T a good long term investment?

Therefore, AT&T remains a fairly safe income investment for conservative investors. However, investors shouldn’t expect AT&T’s stock to rally anytime soon, since it will keep losing pay TV subscribers as the pandemic sidelines its new media businesses.

Is AT&T in financial trouble?

AT&T shouldered nearly $152 billion in total debt at the end of 2019, due to its purchases of DirecTV, Time Warner, and AWS-3 spectrum licenses.