Quick Answer: How Much Is Virgin V6 Box For Existing Customers?

How many Virgin v6 boxes can I have?

You can get up to five additional set top boxes, so you can watch your favourite shows wherever you are in your home.

You get all your channels on your additional boxes, too, so other people can watch different shows at the same time..

Can I use old virgin box?

Can I still use my old TiVo box? You can! Put it in another room, and you can watch Virgin Media TV in another part of the house. … You’ll have to connect the old TiVo box to your router directly via Ethernet cable to do so, but it means you won’t lose any of those precious episodes of Planet Earth you’ve been hoarding.

How do I hide my virgin box?

Re: Hiding a V6 box Press Home on the remote. Select Help & Settings – Settings. Select Devices. Select Pair Remote.

How much is a second Virgin v6 box?

Customers get a second Virgin TV V6 box for free. Those with the Full House, Mix and Player bundles can get an additional V6 box for £49.95 plus a £20 activation fee, plus a £7.50 a month subscription. Virgin’s V6 box can record six shows while you watch a seventh.

Can I use a second hand v6 box?

Only boxes issued to your account & sent to you directly by Virgin can be used. Any box from another source is 1) Being sold illegally & 2) cannot be activated, so is as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Can existing Virgin customers get v6 box?

“Starting today Virgin Media is offering existing Virgin TV customers a free upgrade to its V6 box, giving them access to the very best connected entertainment experience alongside ultrafast broadband.

Will my virgin box work if I cancel?

When you sign up for broadband or TV services with Virgin Media, the router and TV box come as part of the service. You’ll usually be expected to return them when you leave, and the company could charge you for them if you don’t.

Can I still get Freeview if I cancel virgin?

You can remove all your tv packages from Virgin, keep the Tivo box & just watch all the Freeview channels on it. They do not cut off the signal to the box. You can still record & series link programs.

Are Virgin v6 boxes wireless?

The V6 does have a wireless connection, so if you can’t connect directly to a router or the Superhub via a network cable, you can connect via wi-fi.

Can you use an old TiVo box?

Yes, but not very satisfactorily. You can still record programs, or use the reverse and fast-forward functions, but you won’t be able to see any of the programming that TiVo normally downloads daily. But it will run.

How much is the v6 Virgin box?

If you’re already a Virgin TV customer, the V6 will cost you £99.95 plus the £25 set-up fee. If you then want to get an additional box, it will again be £99.95 for the box and £25 for the set-up fee plus £7.50 per month for having the additional box.

Can I get a free v6 box from Virgin?

Virgin Media has announced this week that they will be offering existing Virgin TV customers a free upgrade to their V6 box, giving them access to the very best connected entertainment experience alongside ultrafast broadband. … “We believe that our finest kit shouldn’t just be for new customers.

How do I connect a second TV to my virgin box?

Take one end of the HDMI cable and connect it to the set-top box. Then, attach the other end of the cable to the HDMI port on your TV set. 5. Once you have all the cables connected to the right ports, plug the power cable to the nearest electrical socket, while the opposite end connects to the Digital TV set-top box.

Can I put Disney plus on my virgin box?

Virgin customers will also no longer be able to access any Disney content through their usual Virgin Media subscription. Additionally, since Disney+ is not a feature found in Virgin boxes, Virgin customers will have to access the Disney+ platform via the internet on laptops, tablets, or smart TVs.

Can I buy a TiVo box and use it?

Instead of renting them, you can buy them from the Virgin Media Store to watch digitally on up to 5 compatible devices, including your TV (if you’re a Virgin TV customer with a Virgin TV V6 box or a TiVo box). … You don’t even need to be a Virgin Media customer to use it – the Virgin Media Store is available to all.

Can you add apps to Virgin v6 box?

Virgin TV V6, powered by TiVo. If you find you’ve got apps you use regularly then you can add them to My Favourite Apps.

How much is it for another virgin box?

How much would you pay for a peaceful life? Get an extra Digital+ box in another room for just €11 a month. An additional €60.00 connection fee per room applies if cabling is required.

Can I use my old Virgin TiVo box without subscription?

Tivo won’t work without a Virgin account.

Do you have to send your Virgin box back?

Do I need to return my Virgin Media Wi-Fi router or TV box? Virgin Media loans you the equipment for the term of your contract. Depending on how long that has been and how old the router or TV box is, they may or may not require it back. They will notify you and send prepaid packaging for any returns of equipment.