Quick Answer: How Do I Get A New Modem From CenturyLink?

You can buy any router of your choice, you are not limited to a CenturyLink-branded device.

Be aware that setting up your own router and configuring the connection could take some time.

Plus, you may need to contact CenturyLink customer service to obtain Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) login credentials..

For optimal performance, the preferred models for CenturyLink DSL internet service are: Actiontec C3000A. Greenwave C4000LG. Zyxel C1100Z.

Common causes of intermittent slow-downs include peak usage times, weather, a weak WiFi signal, virus or malware problems, and issues with your modem/router or computer.

If you’re looking to buy a modem to use with CenturyLink service, we recommend one of these five newest models:Actiontec C3000A.Greenwave C4000XG.Technicolor C1100T.

How fast is CenturyLink Internet? CenturyLink’s available speeds depend on where you live, but the ISP generally supports speeds ranging from 10–940 Mbps. The higher speeds are supported by CenturyLink’s fiber service, while a slower range is available on its DSL service.

Sadly, yes. CenturyLink as a company is off the edge of human, and is beyond fixing. Their internal communication is so flawed and customer service is so bad, that it probably costs the company millions of dollars each year. But they’re making so much money, nobody seems to care.

With CenturyLink, you’ll pay $9.99 a month to rent one of its modems—or you can pay a one-time fee of $99.99 to purchase your modem outright. (That $99.99 one-time fee is cheaper than prices we’ve seen listed on Amazon too.) CenturyLink modem rental: $9.99/mo.

You must have a modem to get DSL internet into your home. … If you have fiber internet with CenturyLink, your modem comes included with your service at no extra cost. You can pay $5 per month to lease a CenturyLink router, or buy your own.

The CenturyLink WiFi Extender kit is built on a best-in-class standard called G.hn, which stands for “Gigabit home network.” The kit uses your home’s existing electrical wiring system to carry the high-speed internet connection from your modem to the access point unit, which can be placed anywhere in your home that …

Best Modems For CenturyLink DSL & Routers For CenturyLink Fiber (2020)Zyxel C1100Z. High Performance – DSL Modem Router Combo. … Netgear R8000P. High Performance – Router. … TP-Link Archer A7. Budget Friendly. … Netgear D7000. 1900 Mbps. … CenturyLink C2000. 343 Mbps. … Netgear D6400. 1600 Mbps. … Actiontec GT784WN. 300 Mbps. … CenturyLink C2100.More items…

CenturyLink is not replacing the DSL broadband customers it’s losing. In 2018 CenturyLink lost a lot of broadband customers with speeds under 20 Mbps, but had a net gain of customers using more than 20 Mbps.