Quick Answer: How Do I Change My Koodo Prepaid To Monthly?

When switching phone companies can you keep the same number?

If you’re switching service providers and remaining in the same geographic area, you can keep your existing phone number.

This process – often referred to as phone number porting – can be done between wireline, IP and wireless providers..

Can I pay off my Koodo Tab early?

You have the option to pay off your Tab balance in full before it reaches $0, but before you can pay off your Tab Balance, you’ll need to wait for at least 90 days after you sign up for a Tab.

Can you pause a phone contract?

You most likely can’t suspend it. One option is to sell your current phone to pay off your current contract, then sign a new one without an upfront payment (and one that includes free roaming). That way you get to switch and you get a new phone.

How do I change my plan on Koodo?

Changing your rate planLog in to your Self Serve account.Select Self Serve at the top of the screen, and select Mobile services from the drop-down menu.Your current plan will be shown. … Select your phone type.Choose the plan you want, and select Switch to this plan.Review the plan details, and select Change to this plan.More items…

How do I activate my koodo seasonal Hold plan?

To set up the Seasonal Hold Plan, you will need to go to koodo.com/chat and enter “seasonal hold” to schedule a callback, and one of our reps can talk you through the process. Your account must be in good standing and have been active for more than 90 days to be eligible for Seasonal Hold.

Who’s the best cell phone provider in Canada?

TelusCanada’s best coverage nationally comes from Telus with the best mobile coverage, fastest connectivity and most reliable service. Bell and Rogers networks also feature some of the fastest mobile connectivity in the world, but all three cover less than 30% of Canada’s vast geography.

Can you get unlimited data with Koodo?

The most notable difference is that Koodo’s plan does not have ‘unlimited’ data. … Additionally, the plan includes unlimited Canada-wide anytime minutes, call display, voicemail, unlimited Canada-wide family calling, call waiting, call conferencing and unlimited text and picture messaging.

Can you trade in your phone at Koodo?

What is the Koodo Trade-In Program? Whether you’re a new or existing Koodo customer, we make it easier and more affordable for you to get your hands on our latest phones. All you have to do is bring in your phone to a Koodo store to see what it’s worth.

Does koodo have pay as you go plans?

To use Koodo Prepaid, including any Boosters on your account, you’ll need to buy a base plan first. When it comes to Koodo base plans, there are no pay-per-use charges. You’ll have unlimited access to your included features for 30 days, and you get exactly what you paid for.

Can I upgrade my phone Koodo?

Need a new phone? Just head to a Koodo location near you to upgrade. … Follow these quick and easy steps to upgrade your phone online: Log into Self Serve Click on Shop and select either Phones…

Is Telus or koodo better?

TELUS is considered a ‘premium’ carrier. They offer a LOT more options/add-ons/etc than Koodo does. If you don’t need those frills, then Koodo is probably a better option. Better is probably the wrong term here.

Is Koodo and Telus the same?

Koodo Mobile is a Canadian mobile flanker brand started by Telus in 2008 and mostly oriented toward younger customers. … Koodo currently provides postpaid, prepaid, and wireless home phone services. Being a subsidiary of Telus, Koodo has been able to offer extensive coverage and a strong presence in mobile retailers.

How do I change phones with Koodo?

Switching to Koodo is easy!Select “Switch now” below.Pick a phone (or, choose a SIM card if you already have a phone)Add a promo code and validation code.Pick your plan.To bring your phone number to Koodo, select “transfer my current number” during the check out process.Check out!

What is Seasonal hold?

A seasonal hold, also called a vacation hold, lets customers temporarily suspend their internet, TV and phone services at a minimal cost. Traditionally, this service has been of particular interest to snowbirds — northerners who travel south during the colder months of the year then return north in the spring.

How do I set up my koodo prepaid?

Visit activateprepaid.koodomobile.com to activate your Koodo Prepaid service.

How much does a Koodo SIM card cost?

Koodo Prepaid SIM cards are now $10 for a limited time!

Can you put your cell phone plan on hold?

First, you can suspend your phone service. It lets the carrier hold onto your phone number and account, and while you still pay a small monthly fee, it’s a way to save a little money month to month. … You lose cellular data connectivity, and you cannot make or receive phone calls or texts.

Can I keep my phone number if I switch to Koodo?

Only the authorized account holder can transfer a number. Unlock it. If you’re bringing your own phone to Koodo, make sure it’s unlocked before activating your account with us.