Quick Answer: Can Velocity Silver Use The Lounge?

Who can access Virgin Australia Lounge?

International lounges Virgin Australia Business Class guests, Velocity Gold and Platinum members and Virgin Australia Lounge Members (plus one guest and two children) have access to these lounges.

Note that single-use lounge passes that come with credit cards do not provide access to these international lounges..

Can I buy Velocity status credits?

There is no direct way to purchase Velocity Status Credits (unlike points, which you can purchase). The main way you earn them is through flights on Virgin Australia and its airline partners. The number of credits you’ll receive varies depending on the length of the flight, and also on the flight class.

How many guests can I take into the Virgin Lounge?

Virgin Australia lounge members: if you’re a paid-up member of Virgin’s lounge program, both you and a guest are eligible for lounge entry. Virgin Australia Velocity frequent flyers: Platinum-grade members can bring three guests and Gold-level passengers one guest, and these guests don’t need to be flying.

How do I get into the Virgin Lounge?

To gain entry to our domestic lounges you will need to show your Velocity Platinum or Gold card along with your boarding pass or business class boarding pass. Domestically, where children are permitted access, the children must be aged between 4 and 17 years.

How do you get velocity status credits without flying?

How do you get Velocity Status Credits without flying? Shopping at Coles through Flybuys and holding participating Velocity-branded credit cards are two ways to earn Status Credits without flying. However, you will still need to take some eligible flights each year to earn status.

How much does it cost to enter the Virgin Lounge?

Unlike its rival Qantas, Virgin Australia permits passengers to buy a single-entry lounge pass at a cost of $65. This can be purchased with a credit or debit card at lounge reception on the day of travel, from 2 hours before departure.

Can economy class use the lounge?

And while this lounge was originally designed exclusively for high-flying first- and business- class passengers, it’s now accessible to all guests flying on the airline—if they’re willing to pay, that is. …

Can I use Velocity points for lounge access?

Single entry lounge passes can now be redeemed in advance of travel using 10,000 Velocity Points via the Velocity Rewards Store. … Single entry passes can also be purchased with a credit card from the lounge reception on the day of travel for $65*.

When can I use the Virgin Lounge?

Single Entry Guests and Prepaid Single-Entry Guests may only access the Domestic Lounge for a maximum period of two hours prior to the scheduled departure time of their flight.

Can I transfer my Virgin lounge pass?

The American Express Velocity Platinum and Virgin Money High Flyer Visa cards come with two digital Virgin Australia lounge passes each new membership year. These are automatically allocated to your Velocity account, so they are not transferable to anyone else.

What does Virgin Platinum get you?

The main benefits of Velocity Platinum are: Four complimentary upgrades on domestic/short-haul full-fare Economy. Three guests allowed in Virgin Australia-operated lounges plus on-arrival access. ‘Fly Ahead’ to earlier flights over the phone, free of charge.

Can I pay to use the Virgin lounge at Heathrow?

Exclusive Entry Rates When travelling with Virgin Atlantic, No1 Lounge entry is available from just £25.20. No1 Lounges are located in key UK airports including: Heathrow Terminal 3, Gatwick, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

Can you use the Qantas lounge when flying Virgin?

Virgin Australia has revealed its latest tactic to steal lucrative business flyers away from its rival Qantas: allow Qantas lounge members access to its own lounges. Both travellers are allowed into the lounge a maximum of 2 hours prior to the flight departure. …

Can I pay to upgrade velocity membership?

Upgrades can only be completed via the Velocity Membership Contact Centre and will be confirmed at the time of call if available. … For flights between Sydney and Los Angeles, Business and Premium Economy upgrades are only available for Velocity Platinum and Gold members who purchase a Freedom or Premium Economy fare.

What does velocity silver get you?

Receive two Single Entry Lounge passes (pre-loaded onto your My Velocity Card) for the Virgin Australia Domestic Lounges, valid for 12 months. Access an exclusive discounted annual membership price. Pay only $300 (normally $420), plus have the join fee waived.

Does Velocity Silver get priority boarding?

Silver, Gold and Platinum members enjoy a range of Status benefits with our participating international airline partners. Benefits may include Priority Check-in, Priority Boarding, Priority Baggage, baggage allowances and lounge access.

What can you do with velocity status credits?

Status Credits earned on Virgin Australia long-haul flights and partner airlines.Lounge access comes standard with Gold membership.Access Premium Entry as a Velocity Gold member.Platinum Complimentary Fare Upgrades can be used for ‘The Business’More items…•

Can you bring a guest into virgin Lounge?

Velocity Gold members and paid Virgin Australia Lounge users can instead bring one guest into the lounge whenever they fly, and again, there’s no requirement for any guest to be travelling with Virgin Australia, or at all.

Can I use the Virgin lounge if I’m not flying?

From tomorrow, Wednesday August 15, the airline will remove the ability of Velocity Platinum and Gold members to use Virgin Australia lounges without flying on Virgin – a provision known as ‘anytime access’ which meant those high-flyers could be travelling on a competing airline, or not even flying at all.