Question: What Is The Best CenturyLink DSL Modem?

Log in to My CenturyLink and select the option for ordering internet service.

Since you already have internet service, you’ll see an option for ordering a new modem.

Follow the prompts to order your modem.

Chat with our customer service team..

How to negotiate a lower CenturyLink bill: Give them a call at 1-800-244-1111 and say “loyalty” even though it is not an option they give you. … This department has the power to give any promotion that CenturyLink offers.

Can I buy my own DSL modem?

Buying a new DSL modem from a third party or from your DSL service provider may cost you at least $50. However you may also be able to rent a DSL modem from your phone company. … You need to make sure that the DSL modem that you purchase is compatible with your particular DSL service.

If you’re looking to buy a modem to use with CenturyLink service, we recommend one of these five newest models:Actiontec C3000A.Greenwave C4000XG.Technicolor C1100T.

One-time charges on your bill might be the cause of it being higher than normal. … Because it can include prorated and one-time charges, the first bill is often higher than normal.

What is the best modem for CenturyLink DSL service?Actiontec C3000A.Greenwave C4000LG.Zyxel C1100Z.Zyxel C3000Z.Technicolor C1100T.

Best modems for CenturyLinkCenturyLink wireless modem—Best for budget.Actiontec C3000A—Best for speed.Zyxel C3000Z—Best for static IPs.Actiontec C1900A—Runner-up for flexibility.Technicolor C1100T—Runner-up for static IPs.

What is the best DSL modem?

Top 10 Best DSL Modems of 2020 – Reviews9Zoom Telephonics 5363 AC1900. … 8NETGEAR CM500-100NAR. … 7TP-Link TC-W7960. … 6Motorola SBG6782-AC SURFboard eXtreme. Buy from Amazon. … 5Actiontec 300 Mbps GT784WN. Buy from Amazon. … 4NETGEAR CM500-1AZNAS (16×4) DOCSIS. Buy from Amazon. … 3NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000 AC1900. Buy from Amazon. … 2ARRIS SURFboard SBG6580. Buy from Amazon.More items…

There are additional equipment fees for your internet connection from CenturyLink: WiFi Modem: Modem monthly rental $9.99/mo. WiFi Modem Purchase: One-time fee of $99.99. BYO WiFi: Bring your own CenturyLink compatible modem.

Make sure yours is updated and running smoothly. Keep it up to date: Make sure your browser and web plug-ins (like Java, Adobe Flash and Silverlight) are updated. You can use a third-party website to do a browser check. Clear cache, cookies, and history, which can slow your browser down.

Check CenturyLink to see if your firmware is old and needs an update. Check your cables. If the cable you’ve used to connect your modem to your phone jack is frayed or broken, your internet connection won’t work. Replace the cable if you need to or, if it’s been pulled from the jack, plug it back in.

Quick links to each provider:ProviderEquipment rental feeSetup and installation feeCenturyLinkUp to $15/mo.Up to $125Cox$10.99/mo.Up to $75Frontier$10/mo.Up to $75HughesNet$14.99/mo.Up to $998 more rows

How long should a DSL modem last?

3-4 yearsHow long do modems last? Cable and DSL modems typically seem to last 3-4 years, in my experience, due to power surges over the data line.