Question: Can You Transfer PAYG Credit?

Can I put my pay monthly SIM in a different phone?

The SIM card can only be used in a phone that isn’t ‘locked’ to a different network – more about locked phones..

Can I transfer credit from one Tesco SIM to another?

If you’re on pay as you go, any credit or bundles will be transferred onto your new SIM. If you’re a business customer, please contact us.

Can I switch from pay monthly to pay as you go?

Pay as you go to Pay monthly You can switch your Pay as you go plan to a Pay monthly one any time. To do this, either: Buy a new Pay monthly plan online. Or come see us at your nearest store.

Can you transfer credit to another SIM?

With certain exceptions, it normally isn’t possible to transfer credit between mobile networks. … If you’re changing to another Pay As You Go account on the same network, you should contact your mobile network to ask them to transfer your credit to your new account.

How long does EE pay as you go credit last?

180 daysOverview of Inactivity PoliciesMobile NetworkInactivity Period (Amount of time without chargeable event)PAYG Credit ExpiryPhone Number DeletedEE180 days180 daysgiffgaff6 months6 monthsO26 months6 months14 more rows•Feb 26, 2020

Can I keep my number if I stay on the same network?

How You Keep Your Number. Keeping your phone number is easy. You contact your current operator and ask for a PAC (Port Authorisation Code). You then give the PAC to your new operator and they take care of everything.

How do I transfer my old number to a new phone?

How do I transfer my mobile number?Call or text your current provider to request a mobile PAC code. A PAC code should be given to you immediately over the phone or within two hours by text. … Contact your new network and give them the PAC code. … Check the SIM works in your phone and the new number has ported across.

How do I transfer my balance from my phone to my bank account?

Dial: If you want to transfer your mobile balance just write SMS, GIFT and Send it to 533733. Transfer Limit: You can transfer a balance from minimum Rs. 5 to Rs. 50 to another network.

Can I change from pay as you go to contract and keep the same number?

If you’re upgrading from Pay as you go to Pay monthly you’ll need to get a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) from your network. … If you’re upgrading from one Pay as you go phone to another you don’t need a PAC – you just need to switch your SIM card from your old phone to your new one.

Can I transfer my mobile number to the same network Virgin?

Yes, absolutely. You can keep your existing mobile number and move it to Virgin Mobile once you have received your Virgin Mobile SIM card. You just need to go online by clicking here, move your number.

Can you transfer credit from one Vodafone SIM card to another?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to transfer any existing credit from one number to another.

Can I transfer credit from one o2 SIM to another?

You need to speak to customer service who can transfer the credit for you. … Well most of it has been said, u can either do a sim swap and transfer the old number to the new sim and the credit will transfer with it or u can ask 4445 (CS) to transfer it to the new number.

Can you transfer your number to the same network?

In order to retain your phone number while moving to a new tariff on the same network you will need to negotiate a contract upgrade with that network. … You can transfer your number over to a separate PAYG SIM on a different network, and then transfer it back over to your new contract.

Can I transfer credit from one SIM to another on 3?

2. Once your new SIM is delivered, you can activate it by simply putting it in your phone. 3. Then when you’re ready, complete the transfer number form below and we’ll transfer your number and credit to your new SIM within 24 hours.

Can I get a refund on pay as you go credit?

Pay as you go mobiles Note that mobile networks will almost always refuse to refund leftover or unused pay as you go (PAYG) credit. It is occasionally possible to get a refund, but the cut-off for being able to claim is around six months.

Is pay as you go a monthly?

There are no monthly charges and Pay as you go phones are really affordable.

How do I transfer balance from Lycamobile to Lycamobile UK?

Easily transfer your mobile credit to friends & family with LycamobileLycamobile’s airtime transfer service allows you to securely transfer mobile credit from your Lycamobile account to another mobile operator in the world. … Follow the steps by dialling Dial * 177# and follow the instructions.More items…