Question: Are Welcomed To Attend?

What does you are welcomed mean?

to receive or accept with pleasure; regard as pleasant or good: to welcome a change.

to meet, accept, or receive (an action, challenge, person, etc.) in a specified, especially unfriendly, manner: They welcomed him with hisses and catcalls..

How do you use welcomed in a sentence?

Welcomed sentence examplesShe suggested that Natasha should fast and prepare for Holy Communion, and Natasha gladly welcomed the idea. … While she welcomed the feeling of newfound power, she was terrified for her son.More items…

What does you are always welcome mean?

You’re always welcome would generally be used to signify doors always being hospitably open to the person being addressed. I would love to spend this Christmas with you. You’re are always welcome.

How do you write your welcome?

YOUR is a possessive pronoun. There is nothing possessive in YOUR welcome so you can’t use it in this instance. The correct answer is YOU’RE. YOU’RE is a contraction for YOU ARE and the technical phrase is YOU ARE WELCOME.

Is not welcomed or welcome?

After someone thanks you, the correct phrase is “you’re welcome,” not “you’re welcomed.” In the previous example, welcome is used as an adjective. Welcome can also serve as a verb (We welcome the summer!) or as an interjection (Welcome!), usually stated when greeting someone.

Are welcomed to join us?

The past participle welcomed is sometimes wrongly used as an adjective, such as in the sentences below: (1) *You’re welcomed to join us tomorrow. … In both sentences, the correct word is the adjective welcome: (3) You’re welcome to join us tomorrow.

Is everyone welcomed or welcomed?

Welcome is an adjective. If someone is welcome, you are pleased when they visit you. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is welcomed.

What is another word for welcomed?

What is another word for welcomed?appreciatedembracedacceptedaccepted gladlyapproved ofexpressed pleasureexpressed pleasure atexpressed satisfaction attook pleasure intaken pleasure in2 more rows

How do you say welcome?

Here are a few more ways to say “You’re welcome” in English.You got it.Don’t mention it.No worries.Not a problem.My pleasure.It was nothing.I’m happy to help.Not at all.More items…•

What does your most welcome mean?

sarcasticIn “You’re most welcome” it isn’t saying “most” as in “more than the others”. It’s saying “to the greatest extent”. I suppose if you are thanking several people, but only one of them was actually helpful, you could say, “You’re the most welcome”, but it would come across as mean or sarcastic.

Is welcomed a proper word?

‘Welcomed’ is not correct English. The word ‘welcome’ is a short form of the phrase ‘You are welcome’. ‘Welcome’ in this context is not a verb, but rather an adjective.

What’s another word for good?

What is another word for good?excellentexceptionalnicepleasantpositivesatisfactorysatisfyingsuperbwonderfulacceptable208 more rows

What is embrace mean?

verb (mainly tr) (also intr) (of a person) to take or clasp (another person) in the arms, or (of two people) to clasp each other, as in affection, greeting, etc; hug. to accept (an opportunity, challenge, etc) willingly or eagerly. to take up (a new idea, faith, etc); adoptto embrace Judaism.

What are antonyms for welcome?

Antonyms: unwelcome, ungrateful, unacceptable, distasteful, unpleasant, disagreeable. Synonyms: grateful, acceptable, pleasant, agreeable, gratifying, pleasing.

What to say to welcome guests?

Here are the five hospitality expressions that matter to our guests.“It’s My Pleasure…” / “I Am Happy To…” … “Thank You…” / “We Appreciate…” … “Welcome…” … “Is There Anything Else…” … “We’re Looking Forward To Having You Again As Our Guest”

Are everybody or is everybody?

‘Everyone is’ is the correct version. Although ‘everyone’ sounds like a lot of people, it is actually a singular pronoun, and therefore requires a singular verb. Same goes for the indefinite pronouns everybody, anybody, anyone, someone, somebody, anything, everything, no one, nothing.