Is MagicJack A Landline?

Can I use MagicJack with WIFI?

MagicJack may be used with a computer that has a Wi-Fi connection.

The Wi-Fi network must be linked to a broadband Internet connection such as DSL or cable.

Once a computer is connected to the Internet, the MagicJack software interface appears and a user may dial the number of his choice..

Can I plug my magicJack directly into my router?

MagicJack Plus is a device that plugs directly into your computer or router and provides Internet-based telephone service (VoIP) to users located throughout the United States and Canada. MagicJack Plus can either be installed for use with your computer, or with your Internet router.

What does magic jack plug into?

USB portThe original MagicJack plugged into your computer’s USB port and piggybacked on its internet connection. A standard phone jack on the other side of the device lets you plug in the phone of your choice and make calls.

What is the cheapest home phone service?

Cheapest landline services without internetCenturyLink – Basic Home Phone starting at $23.34/mo.*Cox – Voice Premier starting at $29.99/mo.*Spectrum – Spectrum Voice Basic service starting at $29.99/mo.*Verizon Fios – Digital Voice Unlimited Plan starting at $20/mo.*More items…

What is the best home phone service?

VoIP & Phone Service ReviewsIntermedia Unite.RingCentral Office.Republic Wireless Extend Home.Line2.AT&T Collaborate.

Can you get a landline phone without Internet?

Check out this option for affordable landline service This home phone service does not require an Internet connection. … From there, it operates just like a normal landline phone. It’s compatible with your existing corded or cordless phone. And you can even port your number over from the monopoly local phone company.

Which is better Vonage or magicJack?

Between the two providers, Vonage offers the better features while magicJack offers the lower prices. However, when you compare the overall value of price-to-performance, magicJack comes ahead by a longshot.

Do you need a phone line for magicJack?

The magicJack device uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) to allow you to receive unlimited calls from the U.S. and Canada using an existing internet connection. You can communicate using your computer or regular telephone. No additional telephone service is required.

Can I use magic jack without a landline?

You can use MagicJack to give yourself a second phone line, ditch the landline altogether or, on trips, save on roaming or international calling charges.

Is there a monthly fee for magicJack?

Even though magicJack advertises that it doesn’t have a monthly fee, it does have an annual fee of $39 or a 3-year plan for $89. When it comes to hardware costs, the Ooma Telo device is more expensive at $99.99, whereas the magicJack Go ATA device is only $35.

Is Magic Jack free?

Good news, iPad and iPod Touch users. The new MagicJack app lets you make unlimited free calls to the U.S. and Canada, no strings attached, no credit card required. That means if you’re a heavy gabber, you could theoretically drop to the cheapest available iPhone voice plan–and keep on gabbing.

How many phones can be connected to magicJack?

No, only one phone number is assigned to your Magic Jack device.

How Good Is Magic Jack?

The MagicJack Go works as good as my old Verizon fios land line phone. … The USB connection to the computer is just to set up magic jack and when it’s working use the power transformer that came with Magic Jack to power it. The computer does not have to be on for Magic Jack to work after it’s set up and working.